ITSM Crowd 49 – Agile isn’t Working?

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Is Agile working? Should we do Agile or be Agile? Is it Agile with a big A or agile with a little a? In this ITSM Crowd episode, our experts discuss agile expectations.

In episode 49 of the ITSM Crowd we were joined by Karen Ferris, Daniel Breston, Simone Jo Moore and Nicklas Fredriksson.

This episode was sparked by the enormous response to Karen’s LinkedIn article Agility – 5 things it isn’t. With more than 500 likes and 61 comments, Karen really struck a nerve with this one.

Agile isn’t…

In the article, Karen states that agile isn’t:

  • A noun
  • Just about IT
  • About control
  • About the work
  • A band-aid solution

Most of the comments are in absolute agreement, and reflect a trend for organisations to try and ‘install’ agile behaviours as if they are a new piece of software. In the episode, we discussed the article and the panel’s agile experiences – both good and bad. In the last moments, you’ll hear the panel’s top tips.

You can watch the episode below, and ask follow up questions to our panel using the hashtag ‘ITSMCrowd‘ on twitter.

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