ITSM Crowd 34 – the dark side of digital

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In episode 34 of the ITSM Crowd, we talked about security – a hot topic for many organizations and one that’s frequently in the news.

Our guest was security expert Gary Hibberd from Agenci, an international cyber security consultancy.  If you want to hear more about what Gary does, check out his twitter account for more information.

Focus on GDPR

Although we talked about a range of security topics, one area that we focused on in depth is the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This is the biggest change to information security in a generation, and will affect companies around the world.  It touches on all areas of the business, including marketing and how employee data is managed.  Gary offers some great tips on where to get started with GDPR compliance that will be valuable for all businesses.

You can watch our latest episode below.  Every business in the world relies on its information, so if you’re not managing yours….why not!?

Be our guest/

Want to appear on a future ITSM Crowd?  We’d love to host you! If you’ve got a specialist subject we’re always looking for guests – contact us to learn more.

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