ITSM Crowd 31 - Who is SAM?

February 21, 2017

In episode 31 of the ITSM Crowd we discussed a topic we've not covered before - software asset management, or SAM.  This was a fascinating episode for me and I learned a lot - many companies ignore SAM at their peril and it was great to pick up on themes like risk and governance.  If you only watch a little bit, skip to the end to hear Rory talk about how SAM is not just a single process to bolt on to our ITSM capabilities.

The Panel

We were joined by SAM experts Barry Pilling, Kylie Fowler, Janet Coetzee and Rory Canavan.  Our agenda included what SAM is, why it's important, the types of companies it's relevant for (clue - all of them!) and where you can learn more.  Thank you to all of our guests for sharing their expertise.

SAM Resources

If you watched the episode and want to learn more, our panel provided these resources to get you started.

SAM Conferences

Training Courses

  • ITAMOrg - Europe
  • IAITAM - USA, UK, Germany
  • IBSMA - online courses and vendor specific training

Other Resources

  • LinkedIn - SAM groups, and follow key people and businesses (start with our panel!)
  • ITAM Review - an online magazine

Watch the Video

You can see the video here, and I'd love to hear your feedback.  I think there's still plenty to talk about in a SAM Part 2.  And remember, if you've got a specialist subject we're always looking for guests - contact us to learn more.

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