ITSM Crowd 23 & 24 – Do we need the IT in ITSM?

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In episodes 23 and 24 of the ITSM Crowd we discussed a very popular topic – do we need to keep the IT in ITSM? We scheduled the talks at 9am UK and 6pm UK so we could catch our mentors in different timezones – and it was well worth it. We got the view from the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, America and Brazil, truly service management on a global scale!

Is IT distracting?

One of the drivers for this topic is the increasing convergence between the business and IT. In the second episode in particular, we discussed whether expressions like enterprise service management or business service management would be more appropriate.

Service management in operations

Another concern we discussed was whether or not IT service management is seen as a purely operational area of capability, with practices like DevOps and Agile growing in the development space. If the business sees ITSM as operational, this could prevent ITSM being involved in strategic discussions about the future of IT service.

So do we need the IT?

There wasn’t any consensus amongst our panels about whether we truly need to keep or drop the IT in ITSM. Some panel members also thought it was important to focus on outcomes rather than terminology.
Some were in favour of dropping IT, some in favour of dropping technology, and some in favour of looking at new terms like business service management but with a technology delivery element.
As ITSM continues to evolve, the way we talk about it will also change. Thank you to all of our panel members for sharing their views: Karen Ferris, Simone Moore, Tristan Boot, Nicke Fredrikkson, Randy Steinberg, Suresh GP, Ivor McFarlane, Andrea Kis, Daniel Breston and Robert Pattacini.
You can watch the videos below, and get involved in the discussion on twitter – just use #ITSMCrowd.  Our next episode is on October … with guests Martin McKenna, Steve Morgan and William Hoooper. We’ll have a sneak preview of the IT in the Park conference in Edinburgh on October…. And talk about service integration and management, one of the key conference themes.

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