ITSM Crowd 116 - AI: What exactly and who are we replacing?

August 29, 2023

In this special hour-long episode, scheduled for September 21, 2023, 6 pm CEST, Claire Agutter is joined by a panel of security and ethics experts to discuss the real life impact of AI. Introducing world-renowned voiceover artist and actor Noel Johansen to discuss case studies from the voiceover world, our panel Simone Jo Moore, Nicholas Shearer, Christine Aykac and Amalia Barthel will discuss the impact of AI to service design and management, privacy considerations and more.

Watch the episode on September 21, 2023, 6 pm CEST here.

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Noel Johansen

Noel is co-director and partner of On The Mic Training, the only government accredited voice-over school in the English Speaking Language to offer a 6-month full time diploma program with a multi-level part time course curriculum.

Noel Johansen’s 27-year voice-over career started in New York, continued in Los Angeles, and is now based out of Vancouver.  He has done hundreds of commercials, and worked on many narration and animation series as well as promos and video games and is represented in 5 major markets around North America, and was the voice of ITSM Zone (ITIL Management Training) for 14 years.  In Commercials, he is currently the voice of Hestan Culinary, Netsuite, and ICCU in the US.  Recent spots include Talz, Ericsson, and promo spots for BC Government in Canada.  In Animation, he is the coach in Molly of Denali, played Schnauzer in Cats & Dogs III, guest starred on Monster Loving Maniacs – playing Melchior and Safari Jack, and was the voice of Jesus for 10 years on the American Animation series “Superbook.”  Other credits include Lego’s “Nexo-Knights,” Iron Man in YouTube “Marvel Shorts,” Dr. Dimenshionpants.  His claim to fames are Stanford Isaac Rhodes in Cartoon Networks “Hotwheels: Battle Force Five.”  His Video Game credits include the Swedish King in Age of Empires 3.  He is recurring in a Dubbing series Bibi & Tina.  Promo credits include TBS’s “America’s Greatest Makers”  VGI and Discovery Canada and broadcast narration includes NBC’s MLS 36, Urban Suburban, Six Degrees, and Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts and Tube Tales.

Simone Jo Moore

"Simone is pushing boundaries and asking the tough questions of organisations with how they are designing and using their technology. Her work involves guiding the digital journey of organisations and individuals in adapting to Humanising IT. Blending business and technology approaches and frameworks to help us thrive in an ever-changing, dynamic world. Flourishing humans and exceptional experiences are a result of her active values - people connected, knowledge shared, possibilities discovered and potential realised. 

A recognised Top 25 Industry Thought Leader, Women in DevOps list, WomenTech award nominee, Simone is the Editorial Director of ‘The Youth Rise in Power’ and 'The Era of HumanisingIT' documentaries, contributing author to VeriSM Unwrapped, Applied and ITIL4 High Velocity IT, ADaPT and other international certifications , DevOps Institute eBooks and a contributing reviewer for the European Commission and Cynefin based Field Guide on Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis.

Simone takes things beyond technology by combining it with her HR, Organisational Change and complementary health background for a deep leadership experience shared through writing, consulting, training, workshops, conferences, podcasts and social media."

Nicholas Shearer

Nicholas is a writer, developer and manager who has been working with technology for 30 years. From web design and databases, through to project management and software delivery across the private and public sectors. As a data expert who has been on the University of Strathclyde ethics committee for 10 years, Nicholas has a passion for the ethics and peoples consent for use of their data. He occasionally does talks on Data, Ethics and technology in general.

Christine Aykac

Christine is a dynamic, engaging problem solver and change agent. With over 25 years of experience in her field, Christine has established herself as a go-to expert for project management, digital leadership, and personal growth. Christine's passion for personal empowerment and leadership exemplifies her unwavering commitment to helping others reach their full potential. She has authored several course books and is a regular contributor to online publications, sharing her wealth of knowledge and inspiring others to reach their goals. She co-founded the Digital-savvy Leadership program with Amalia Barthel and is an advisory board member of consulting organizations in Canada and the US.


Amalia Barthel

Amalia is an Independent Privacy Consultant & Advisor, as well as Author of, and Lecturer/Academic Programs Advisor for University of Toronto, SCS (School of Continuing Studies). 

As an IT insider and specialist, Amalia has been in the Privacy and GRC/Audit and Privacy Engineering space for 16+ years. She is an author and frequent speaker at conferences and webinars. She volunteers her time mentoring young professionals and creating awareness in the community about privacy and digital risk topics. She is the co-founder of Decode Series Digital Leadership program with Wareness Canada and Founder of DesigningPrivacy Canada.

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