It's Getting (ITSM) Crowded in Here: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Excellence

April 27, 2022

Six years, 100 episodes, more than 200 guest experts, 10 000 view on YouTube and one host. This month we are celebrating the ITSM Crowd 100th episode and Claire Agutter's incredible achievement.

Claire Agutter

The ITSM Crowd series started 6 years ago as Claire Agutter’s idea and initiative to share knowledge and help others working at service management. Today, we are proud to say that these monthly 30 minutes chats on all things service management - including ITIL, SIAM, DevOps, Agile, VeriSM, RESILIA, OBASHI, ISO20000 and COBIT are well recognized in the industry.

And with this blog we are celebrating Claire Agutter’s commitment and dedication to knowledge sharing, debate and promotion of industry best practice.

Rob England

"Congratulations to Claire for building such an impressive collaborate body of work.  I could be referring to ITSM Zone, Scopism, VeriSM, or the 100 ITSM Crowd podcasts.  Claire is one of the nicest and hardest working members of our community, whose contribution has been immense", says Rob England who is one of the guests at the 100th ITSM Crowd episode.

Karen Ferris

"It is always a pleasure to chat with Claire on the ITSM Crowd. She is an awesome host and has curated so much knowledge, intelligence and information for the service management industry. Watch. Go back. Watch again. You won't regret it. It is the go to podcast for all things service management…and more.", says Karen Ferris.

Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Simon Dorst

Michelle and Simon had sent a congrats video from Australia. In this video they are remembering the beginnings of the ITSM Crowd Series and the topics discussed over the years.

"Congratulations Claire on your 100th ITSM Crowd! And cheers for many more to come, say Simon and Michelle in the video.

Johann Botha

"Claire’s contribution to better management practices is immense and the impact of her contributions should not be understated, and what’s more is that contributes so much with no strings attached. I count myself lucky to have a friend like her!", says Johann Botha.

Suzanne Van Hove

“100 episodes! Wow – did you ever imagine? Truly a trend setting activity that you have fostered, supported, and improved. The variety of topics has been inspiring and so useful to the ITSM community! Thanks so much for being an innovative leader…and most importantly, a great friend!”, says Suzanne Van Hove.

Daniel Breston

"100 episodes! I remember 5 years ago. I think I may even be one of the 3 heads that decorate the ITSM Crowd homepage. We had no idea if the format would work, but Claire, Suresh GP and I rambled on about ITIL, DevOps, leadership, training and bam, 30 minutes gone.

The great thing about Claire is that she enjoys and encourages different points of view. Claire does not want the guest host to sell their vision, instead, Claire wants a discussion on the why, the value, and the issues. This is what draws audiences and speakers globally to her sessions on #SIAM, #DevOps, #ITIL, #BRM, #Leadership, #Metrics, #VeriSM, #OBASHI, #Agile, #lean and every other hashtag that has meaning to anyone needing technology to enable their organisation. 100! Well done Claire! Thank you!", says Daniel Breston.

Rachel McElroy

"100 episodes of the ITSM Crowd is an incredible achievement and it’s a series that holds a special place in my heart. Guests and subjects across countries, roles and organisations have meant every episode brings something new to the table and allows the ITSM community to flourish through great collaboration. Congratulations Claire on producing something that has shown such longevity!", says Rachel McElroy.

Matthew Burrows

Claire has always been passionate about sharing knowledge in order to help others. I’ve had the pleasure of serving with her on industry boards and groups, and the privilege of being invited to participate in some online discussions. Congratulations on the 100th episode of ITSM Crowd – the content of every episode is helping people working in and around service management. Keep up the great work!”, says Matthew Burrows.

Kirsty Unilla

"It's really easy to set up an initiative, offering your time and expertise to all within an industry, but to keep that going over years, with a hundred episodes is not a simple undertaking. This is a huge testament to Claire's commitment and dedication to knowledge sharing, to education, discussion, debate and promotion of industry best practice. I’m proud to be a part of Claire’s team and couldn’t ask for a better mentor, leader and friend. Congratulations Claire on your 100th ITSM Crowd!", says Kirsty Unilla.

Steve Morgan

“Well done Claire on reaching your 100th episode milestone!  It’s great that these chats are available as a wonderful resource for our industry peers.  Keep up the fantastic work!”, says Steve Morgan.

Helen Morris

"It’s been a pleasure to work with Claire over the last XX years!! I love every ITSM chat we have had, we’ve had some great discussions about ITSM, SIAM, VeriSM and all the rest. She has been so supportive of my new ventures into Coaching Mindfulness and lately Menopause, and I look forward to continuing to work with her as we carry on for another XX years, providing support for the rest of you in our respective fields! Keep going Claire, keep sharing your expertise.", says Helen Morris.

David Barrow

100 episodes of the ITSM Crowd – wow. Over the years the ITSM Crowd has been a consistent source of information, inspiration, and revisitation for myself and many of us working in the industry. Through the ITSM Crowd, I’ve discovered VeriSM, SIAM and so much more and been inspired to take these lessons into my work. As for being a guest myself, it still makes me giddy with excitement. Thank you for everything Claire, you are an inspiration!”, says David Barrow.

Simone Jo Moore

“Compassionate candidness, dichotomy discussions, heartfelt hearing, mental menageries, people perspective, relevant rambling, titanic themes, sensational synergies, zoned-in!

An impressive collection of knowledge and learning, shared by a wide scope of minds that continues to stay in the zone no matter which trajectory the conversation takes. Congratulations Claire on your 100th episode and thank you for asking me to participate in this Crowd of wonders. It’s a joy whenever we get to work together. “, says Simone Jo Moore.

Andreas Chrysostomou

“Congratulations on the 100th episode of the ITSM Crowd! These episodes are a great way to promote conversations around the ITIL 4 and SIAM frameworks, as well as an opportunity to expand upon the content Claire has written in her books that she has released with IT Governance Publishing:", says Andreas Chrysostomou.

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