ITIL Foundation Certification – Should I Purchase a Course?

April 13, 2015

The ITIL Foundation course gives an introduction to those who are new to ITIL and opens the pathway to higher level study (it is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to study the Intermediate courses, or who want to achieve Expert certification).
The ITIL Foundation course remains the only course within the ITIL qualification scheme where students can study without undertaking accredited training, using resources from the internet or self-study books. One of the most frequently asked questions within the ITIL groups on LinkedIn is “Where can I find free resources?” The answer is – all over the internet! However, people should beware of some of these.
There is a “Grey Market” for ITIL Training – where some vendors are charging for materials which haven’t been accredited. The accreditation provided to training organisations is the guarantee of quality for the buyer and ensures that the course ware provided (whether this is a book, pdf’s or training videos) are accurate, up to date and meet the requirements of the ITIL Foundation syllabus. Even free materials may not be the bargain that they seem; recent changes to exam pricing now means that students can expect to pay in excess of $200 for the exam fee. Go into the exam without the correct information and a resit fee may apply!
The Foundation Syllabus is pretty big – with the official syllabus document from Axelos running into 11 pages and the recommended study time is 18 hours – that’s a long time without guidance from either a classroom tutor or an online learning format. Students need to make sure that they aren’t missing any of the vital information – it may appear in the exam!
Additionally, those wanting to carry on and study at higher levels need to ensure that they have a solid foundation to work from (pun intended!). Having gaps in knowledge, or a lack of understanding because an exam dump was used just to get a certificate, can mean that studying at the Intermediate level is harder than it needs to be.
So if you’re intending on taking the ITIL Foundation course, make sure that the materials you use are properly accredited and consider using an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO).
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