ITIL 4 and the New Requirement to Recertify

January 2, 2023

In our recent blog “The December information you need to know” we mentioned that Peoplecert were introducing the requirement for successful candidates to recertify every three years. We’ve now received further information on this, which we are happy to share with you.

Peoplecert state that this new scheme rule is designed to help candidates show their commitment to continuing professional development and be able to stay ahead in a competitive labour market. By recertifying, students are demonstrating their understanding and up to date knowledge of best practice to support professional development.

From January 2023 all Global Best Practice certifications will need to be renewed after three years. Here are the answers to the questions that you may have:

Which certifications need to be renewed?

All global best practice certifications will come with a renewal requirement. This includes ITIL 4 and Prince 2

Who will need to renew their certification?

All candidates with certifications from any of the Global Best Practice suite will need to renew within three years of the original certification dates.

If you certified before 30 June 2020: you have until 1 July 2023 to renew your certification. Even though this wasn’t a requirement of the qualification at the time that you were issued with it, Peoplecert have applied the ruling retrospectively, so regardless of your original pass date, you will need to recertify.

If you certified after June 2020, you have 3 years from the original award date in which to comply with the recertification.

How do I renew my certification?

From 15 January 2023, there will be two renewal paths available:

  1. Retake the same exam: Candidates can renew their certification through re-taking the original exam before the renewal date.
  2. You can take higher level, or other courses from the same product suite to keep certifications relevant. You will need to pass the exam before the 3 years expires. This means that Foundation holders will keep this certification by passing HVIT, DSV, CDS or DPI (for example)

From March 2023, a third renewal path will be made available to candidates, though we currently don’t have much information on this as yet. Candidates will be able to renew their certification by collecting and logging CPD points. Our best guess is that this will need to be done via a “MyAxelos” subscription – but this isn’t fact!  More details on this path will follow in January and we’ll update this blog then.

Do My Old Qualifications Expire?

If you decide not to renew your certifications, you’ll still be included on the Successful Candidates Register (SCR) and the Candidate Verification Service, but a note will be added to your record to indicate that your certification needs to be renewed to align with current certification requirements.

So, effectively, yes. Your old qualification WILL expire, but you will be able to demonstrate that you have previously achieved it.

How Much Will Recertification Exams Be?

Under current scheme regulations, anyone buying the exam voucher for the first time has to purchase the core guidance eBook too; your exam provider will automatically bundle them together for you. In April 2023 this will change to also include a course guide.

Anyone purchasing a resit can then buy the voucher only.

It would be sensible to assume that a recertification exam would be treated in the same way as resits, where you can purchase the voucher only. We have asked for clarification on this though, and again will update the information as we have it. If treated the same as a resit, the recertification fee for a Foundation qualification will be $279.

Any Further Questions?

We don’t have any more information than is included in this blog at the moment. However, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to post them on this blog, or you can contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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