Introducing the New ITIL 4

October 11, 2018

There has been a lot of speculation about the future of ITIL, following Axelos' announcement that there was an update coming.

We are now pleased to be able to advise that the new ITIL scheme has been unveiled, although the wait now starts to find out the actual content of each of the courses.

ITIL 4 sees the biggest update since ITIL v3 was introduced in 2007. Unlike the refresh of the version 3 materials in 2011, the beginning of 2019 will see some major changes.

The name, ITIL 4, reflects the role that this best practice framework will continue to play in supporting individuals and organizations to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What's new in ITIL 4?

The ITIL 4 certification scheme comprises of the following levels:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Specialist modules (3)
  • ITIL Strategist
  • ITIL Leader
  • ITIL Master

Like ITIL v3, the new release has two streams, these are ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL).

New ITIL Courses

The new ITIL 4 Foundation will be available from early 2019 and remains the entry level certification. The Foundation will give learners the general awareness of key elements, concepts and terminology and will be a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to achieve the higher level certifications.

The ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) stream will provide practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful IT projects, teams and workflows and is for IT practitioners working within technology and digital teams across businesses. This stream is made up of 4 courses:

  • Create, Deliver & Support
  • Drive Stakeholder Value
  • High Velocity IT
  • Direct, Plan & Improve

Three of the courses (Create, Deliver & Support, Drive Stakeholder Value and High Velocity IT) are "ITIL Specialist" modules and the final one, Direct, Plan and Improve is an "ITIL Strategist" module.

All of the courses have individual benefits, but to certify as an ITIL MP, the Foundation and all four course in the stream must be completed.

The ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) stream recognises the value of ITIL, not just for IT, but for all digital services. This stream is made up of two courses:

  • ITIL Strategist Direct, Plan & Improve
  • ITIL Leader Digital & IT Strategy

This ITIL SL certification is only available to experienced managers, with a minimum of 3 years' experience, who also hold the new ITIL 4 Foundation. It's not clear yet how students will be asked to demonstrate that they meet this criteria.

ITIL Master 

If a candidate completes all 5 modules, gaining both designations from the two streams, they will be eligible for assessment to become an ITIL Master. There'll be more details of this released later.

Validity of ITIL v3 Qualifications

Anyone who currently holds 17 or more ITIL credits from V3 study can take a transition course, to bridge their qualification from ITIL Expert to ITIL Managing Professional.

This means that anyone who is already on their journey to ITIL Expert should continue with their studies. The transition module won't be available until the second half of 2019.

Great news for people who have already heavily invested in the v3 qualification scheme.

There will not, however, be a bridge for v3 Foundation holders. To update this certification to the latest one, candidates will need to take the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

In Summary!

ITIL 4 Foundation will be available from February 2019. There is no bridge to this, you have to take the new exam.

ITIL Practitioner will not feature in the new ITIL scheme.

Students who have earned 17 credits  from v3 study can use these to bridge to become an ITIL Managing Professional. Anyone already studying for Expert, or higher level courses, should continue to do so.

If you have any questions at all, please email support@ITSM.Zone.

We will be more than happy to help.

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11 comments on “Introducing the New ITIL 4”

  1. I am an ITIL certified Expert. My path started many years ago where I became a certified ITIL V2 Service Manager. I then took the bridge class and exam to upgrade my credentials to V3 Expert. What is my path to keeping my credentials current under ITIL 4?

  2. I just left the comments below via my personal email address.
    I am an ITIL certified Expert. My path started many years ago where I became a certified ITIL V2 Service Manager. I then took the bridge class and exam to upgrade my credentials to V3 Expert. What is my path to keeping my credentials current under ITIL 4?

  3. Hello,
    I'm ITIL Expert since 2010. What should I do to stay up to date?
    Best regards
    Ralf Diller

  4. Hi Ralf, we're still waiting for the full information to be released but it's likely you will take a bridging course into the new scheme. kind regards ITSM Zone

  5. Hi Marco, the ITIL Master details haven't been released to us yet, we'll keep you up to date as we find out more information. kind regards Claire

  6. Hi John if you want to stay up to date you'll need to take the bridge into the ITIL 4 scheme, this will be a single course available some time in 2019. kind regards Claire

  7. I was thinking of taking the ITIL foundation. Since ITIL 4 is introduced should I wait for it to become available ? Are there any dates announced that the new test will be available ?
    Problem is that I am in the process of changing job so an ITIL certification would help a lot .
    Thank you

  8. Hi Claire,
    I have ITIL Practitioner certificate and then Intermediate in SD, ST, SO, and CSI. This would mean I had 17 credits under v3. I see that under ITIL4, Practitioner isn't there.
    Does this still mean I have 17 credits and can go for ITIL MP, or does it mean that Practitioner credit doesn't count under ITIL4.
    Please could you clarify
    Many thanks

  9. Hi Panagiotis, all we can say is that the new Foundation will be available in quarter 1 next year, we can't give an exact date due to our NDA. There is a fair amount of overlap between ITIL 3 and ITIL 4 so I would study now and then read the ITIL 4 material when it's released. kind regards Claire

  10. Hi Shriram, we've been advised that Practitioner credits also count towards the course to bridge to MP, so you will be ok to proceed. kind regards Claire

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