How to Benefit from Short Courses

October 18, 2017

Today’s fast paced, constantly changing business world requires more from employees, managers and contractors than ever before. This places more pressure on us; more responsibilities, tighter deadlines and greater expectations, leaving us with less time than ever before.

With less time, it’s important that what we do have is used effectively. Education and training is always good to invest in; but what if you just can’t fit it in? How do you stay relevant? Up to date with new trends, practices and certifications?

This is where a short course may be of interest to industry professionals. When compared to a three or four year long degree course, an ITIL Foundation course sounds like a short option. However, when that option must be fitted around the demands of a hectic work life, even the 18 hours of required study can be too much to commit to.

With this in mind, ITSM Zone has started developing a range of short “Spotlight on…..” courses. ITIL Lite, Spotlight on Kanban and Spotlight on Process Improvement are all short courses that last a maximum of 2 hours, allowing you to fit them into a busy lifestyle.

Why Study a Short Course?

The first and most obvious answer is quite simply; time. A short course is quicker to complete than a full certification course. The Spotlight courses, at just 60 minutes long, can all be taken in a lunch break. However, we can pack a lot of learning into this space of time.

The other reason is that you’re expanding your knowledge, that’s never a bad thing! Courses in areas of self-development, such as leadership, workplace communication and conflict resolution, can make you the ideal candidate for a higher role in your workplace. Vocational and career driven courses can start helping to position you as an expert in your field; your entire team might hold ITIL Expert certifications, but can they effectively change processes? Are they aware of Cyber Security?

Too Much Knowledge Can be a Dangerous Thing!

Imagine what would happen if your marketing department or HR thought that they had more Service Management knowledge than you! Imagine the implications of the finance team telling you how to improve your processes for making changes. Whilst people within the business could probably benefit from a basic understanding of ITIL, they don’t need to be certified in it. That’s where ITIL Lite works; a fundamental understanding of why some things are the way they are, a better understanding of what you do, but not enough to interfere!

The same is true for you; your organisation may not be agile at all. That doesn’t mean that gaining an understanding of what it means to work in this way won’t be helpful. The result of a short education could be small improvements that benefit the business, leading to more formal education and changes on a larger scale. It could also just mean that you organise yourself better with a Kanban board (even if this is just at home!).

So sometimes just a small amount of knowledge can lead to greater things.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Learning

Many short courses come with a completion certificate; certainly, the ones ITSM Zone provide do. You can show you've taken the time to expand your knowledge, widen your understanding and keep abreast of changes in your industry. Make sure the boss knows!

Best of all, all of our courses can be taken on the go. Compatibility with mobile and tablet devices means that the courses can be studied while you’re on the bus, waiting for a meeting, waiting for a train; anywhere that you have a data or internet connection. Use those 5-10 minute blocks wisely.

ITSM Zone currently have 3 short courses available, with more coming soon. Register for our Newsletter to be the first to know as new titles are added (and hear of special offers and discounts!).

Currently, you can study-

ITIL Lite – 120 minutes

This is a brief introduction to ITIL and service management.
We’ve used a case study from a finance company that anyone with a technical, business or executive background will find useful.

Useful to give personnel from other departments a basic understanding!

Spotlight on Kanban – 60 minutes

Take a look at Kanban, its history and how it was developed, how it can be used to improve organisation in both your home and working life. With links to interesting videos and quizzes, you’ll learn a lot, quickly!

Spotlight on Process Improvement – 60 minutes

Improve the processes you use every day by learning how to identify the links between process and business objectives and opportunity for improvement.

More Spotlight courses will be added soon, keep checking back to see when. If you have a topic that you'd love to see as a short course, we'd love to hear from you - get in touch!

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