How has eLearning improved my time management skills?

October 19, 2022

Our Feedback Series with our SIAM Foundation and VeriSM Foundation students is continuing, and we are extremely proud with the progress they made.

This Series is so important to us because at ITSM Zone, we strive to deliver the best eLearning courses and overall value to you, our students, through listening to your feedback.

As always, your thoughts are highly valuable and essential in helping us ensure we are delivering courses of the highest quality.

Having this in mind, we are happy to announce the 6th part of our Feedback Series. Today we spoke to Maria who has started her VeriSM journey this year.

In her feedback session with us, she highlighted what she liked the most about training with ITSM Zone and shared her Top Tips for online learning.

And we want to say a huge thanks to her for sharing her feedback with us!

“I took the VeriSM Foundation Course with ITSM Zone because in this digital age, VeriSM is a proposition in service management. The course gave me an understanding of what VeriSM is, where it has come from, key concepts, and how it can be used to help an organization. Now I tried to apply some of what I’ve learned in VeriSM in my daily tasks and deliver high-quality services while reducing time, costs, and risks”,

says Maria.

She as well highlighted that the course learning material is very rich, well organized and engaging.

“As for the fit with my schedule was great. I am still working from home, so this self-paced course provided me with the chance to study whenever I wanted. Mostly after work,

she adds.

Maria as well talked about the rise of online learning and how it will be the future of education.

“I have always been a fun of online learning because it is flexible. It enables you to study from anywhere in the world. On top of that, not only you do save time, but you also save money. As well, I must admit that eLearning has improved my time management skills. On top of that, you have access to very diverse material such as videos, photos, and eBooks online. What I like with ITSM Zone is that each student can request a 30-minute conference call with a mentor to discuss their training, their career, and how they might use their new skills,

says Maria.

Here are Maria’s Top Tips for online learning:

  • Create space to learn
  • Stay organized
  • Make a schedule - Create a set study routine throughout the week
  • Actively engage with the course materials
  • Celebrate your achievements when work is completed
  • Keep an open mind
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