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April 13, 2015

ITSM Zone have a free ITIL training course! Perfect for beginners, this short course gives quick introduction to ITIL and service management essentials.
Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel. The 3 easy to absorb lessons cover ITIL terminology, structure, concepts and processes. We will also include a 75-page report to be downloaded.
Although this course is not enough to study for the Foundation exam, it gives a solid overview and helps students become familliar with the terms and phrases used within this framework.
This course is available at without any charge.
This is what some of our recent students have said about the course -
It is an Great Introduction to ITIL for anyone looking into how ITIL works. I highly recommend it to anyone getting into ITIL and this ITIL Lite is a nice peek into the class.” – Joel A
Thanks for IT Training Zone for this brief and concise introduction about ITIL. A must for all people seeking a good path on how to start about ITIL.” – Charleston L
Great Refresher Course. I was ITIL Foundations certified several years back, but have not had a chance to work within an ITIL framework, until recently. This course provided just the right level of detail to bring the concepts back and make some high-level recommendations. This was time well-spent. Thank you so much!” Jennifer L
So sign up today, share with your colleagues and take advantage of the best free ITIL training resource available!

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One comment on “Free ITIL Training from ITSM Zone”

  1. I am also in favour of Noel and the artlice here, ITIL is expiring in transit.There is mention here of ITIL being a tool for the IT department, rather than the business, yes ITIL teaches us to identify the needs of the business and to meet those needs with a service what it does not teach us is how to understand our business. Service management is evolving and Business relationship management is the new game, and the basis of BRM is understanding and business and not just meeting the needs and values, but sharing them and working along side of the business to achieve the common goals. BYOD fits into this ideology far better than it does into ITL, as Noel states, ITIL is theoretical. And theoretically BYOD holds no technical value; replacing standard, supported resources that have lifecycles, with unfamiliar kit that we have little or control over. ITIL teaches us to standardise so that we may have efficient, planned SLAs- how can you set an SLA on a piece of hardware if your support teams have never used it before?For this, BRM is more suitable and as it encourages us to understand why our staff would use their own laptops/phones etc, how it benefits the way they work, and then for us to build flexible ways of supporting this. BYOD only threatens the need of service desk' if it doesn't realise that the cultural changes are just as important as the technical/service management changes.

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