FEEDBACK VIDEO SERIES: How the Agile Project Management Course helped me and my company?

September 14, 2021

The feedback session with our Makeda Foundation students is continuing and we are happy with the progress they made.

As always, the feedback from our students is very valuable to us and essential in helping us ensure we are delivering courses of the highest quality.

With this in mind, we want to announce the third video of our Feedback Video Series.

On this one, the founder and creative director of Marble Stitches, Abigail Israel speaks about her training with us, but as well how the training has helped her and her company.

-Recently, in our company we started a project that allows us to collaborate, partner up and market the brand internationally. ITSM Zone Course came at the right time. It keeps me on my toes, and I will definitely recommend to everyone to take a course with ITSM Zone. You will not regret it!,

says Abigail in her video.

And we want to say a huge thanks to Abigail for sharing this video with us.

In the near future we will be publishing more videos of our Makeda Foundation students on which they will talk about how our training courses changed the way how they think about their startups.

And if you have missed the first part of our Feedback Video Series with Betty Mbithi, the Founder of Abetec Business Solution you can still watch it on our YouTube channel or on the link bellow. Betty took the Agile Project Management Foundation Course and through her training she gain broad understanding of Agile principles and how they can be applied to project management to deliver value at speed.

The second part of the Feedback Video Series with the founder of Rosario TouchLinda Mwinzie you can watch it here. In her video, she explains how ITSM Zone Training contributed to her personal and professional growth.

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