FEEDBACK SERIES: Top Tips to improve your eLearning

August 29, 2022

In 2022, we gave our community the opportunity to learn about how service management has evolved and the possibilities that exist. By making our SIAM and VeriSM training available for free, we opened their eyes to the future. During three months, thousands of students and dozens of organizations joined the evolution and completed FREE VeriSM and SIAM Training.

Now, we're sharing their feedback and the progress they have made. As always, the feedback from our students is highly valuable and essential in helping us ensure we are delivering courses of the highest quality.  With this in mind, we asked our students to share their thoughts with us about their training.

Andreas Chrysostomou

Today we are continuing our feedback session with Andreas Chrysostomou, who took the SIAM Foundation Training with us.

In his feedback, he highlighted how the training has helped him in his current role, and shared his Top Tips for online learning.

  1. What did you like or not like about our course? How did this course fit with your existing schedule?

Good Points - easy to follow and is at a nice pace.  The only downside for me was the time to complete as it was hard to fit around my schedule, so didn’t quite complete it. Although for a free course, 1 month is very good.

says Andreas.

2. How will this course benefit you?

It gave me new skills that helped me understand the industry better.

3. The rise of online learning - will it be a forever change?

 I think that eLearning will continue to grow, as people want to learn new skills quickly and eLearning enables that at affordable prices. Also, because it can be accessed anywhere in the world it creates less barriers to entry,

adds Andreas.

4. Can you please share your Top Tips for eLearning, in order to help other students succeed?

My Top Tips to succeed with eLearning are:

  • Set aside some time each day to study and be consistent with it.
  • Make notes as you go.
  • Use the SIAM BoK as a reference.
  • If you don’t feel confident you understood a certain part, re-watch it.
  • Complete all exercises.

In the near future we will be publishing more feedback from our SIAM Foundation and VeriSM Foundation students in which they will talk about how our training courses helped them to advance their careers.

And if you have missed the first or the second part of our Feedback Series with Abdallah Hassan Hafez and Kamel Abou Saleh, you can read them on the link below.

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