Feedback series: What I've enjoyed most about my VeriSM Foundation Training

September 10, 2022

Are you ready for the 4th part of our Feedback Series?

In 2022, we created an opportunity for our community to learn how service management has evolved and the possibilities that exist. By making our SIAM and VeriSM training available for free, we wanted to open your eyes to the future. During three months, thousands of students and dozens of organizations joined the evolution and completed VeriSM and SIAM Training - absolutely free!

Since then, we've been collecting feedback from our students about the progress they made. We are continuing this Feedback Series with Sanjay Nair, IT and Operations Team Leader at Knet, "The Shared Electronic Banking Services Co.".

He had joined the evolution and finished the VeriSM Foundation Training with us. We want to say a huge thanks to Sanjay for sharing his thoughts with us!

  1. What did you like or not like about our course? How did this course fit with your existing schedule?

The course was very well designed, and the concepts explained in a clear and concise manner. There are no negative comments about the course delivery. I was able to complete the course within the stipulated timeframe by scheduling a couple of hours daily, after work.

says Sanjay.

2. How will this course benefit you?

I am confident that the knowledge gained from this course will help me in future job prospects,

3. The rise of online learning - Will it be a permanent change?

Definitely, with the change in everything we do due to the pandemic, online learning will continue to be a much sought-after method of learning,

says Sanjay.

4. Can you please share your Top Tips for eLearning, in order to help other students succeed in eLearning?

• Create a clear and practical schedule for eLearning, whereby there will not be any interference from the daily routine.

• Isolate yourself from all distractions and ensure that you can give full focus for the time set aside.

•  Set reasonable deadlines for completion of learning modules and take a break or two to maintain balance.

•  Take notes as you go on, as this always helps to reinforce the concepts learnt.

• If appearing for an exam, it is always advisable to attempt it within a week from course completion.

I hope that these Tips will help other students to plan and finish their online training, finishes Sanjay.

In the near future we will be publishing more feedback from our SIAM Foundation and VeriSM Foundation students in which they will talk about how our training courses helped them to advance their careers.

And if you have missed the first three parts of our Feedback Series with Abdallah Hassan Hafez, Kamel Abou Saleh and Andreas Chrysostomou, you can read them on the link below.

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