FEEDBACK SERIES: The study tracker helps you to stay focused and to keep up with your plan!

October 4, 2022

At ITSM Zone, we strive to deliver the best eLearning courses and overall value to you, our students, through listening to your feedback.

As always, your thoughts are highly valuable and essential in helping us ensure we are delivering courses of the highest quality.

Having this in mind, we are happy to announce the 5th part of our Feedback Series with our SIAM Foundation and VeriSM Foundation students. And we want to highlight that we are extremely proud of the progress they made. Today we spoke with Tereza Terahata, who has taken the SIAM Foundation Course. In her feedback session with us, she highlighted how the training has helped her in her current role and shared her Top Tips for online learning.

And we want to say a huge thanks to her for sharing her feedback with us!

I have taken the SIAM Foundation Course with ITSM Zone. And I want to start with the fact the Course is very well structured. The way the topics were grouped also helps to understand and to study,

says Tereza.

Tereza as well mentioned that the ITSM Zone study tracker has helped her to stick to her busy work schedule and to keep focus.

The duration of the videos is perfect and even considering the time needed to complete the exercises it was possible to fit the studies with my busy work schedule. I printed the study tracker and it was good to keep the focus and to stick to the plan,

she adds.

In her feedback session with us, she as well was speaking about the rise of eLearning and why is her first choice for studying.

The advantages of the online learning are in numerous. Not only it was possible to adapt the study schedule with work and all daily activities, but it was also possible to adjust to my location since it can be accessed via PC, mobile or even a printed copy of the transcription if you decide to be offline but review the content. Also, the classes can be reviewed always that we feel necessary. In my view, the online learning worked for me because I had the same amount of commitment and discipline as I would have had in a face-to-face training,

adds Tereza.

In our chat, we asked her to share some Tip that will help other students to improve online learning but as well how not be distracted.

I booked specific time in the day to study and during this time I turned off notifications so I would not be distracted with emails, chats or other things like that. It was important for me to create a good environment where I could really concentrate in the classes,

finishes Tereza.
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