Education, Empowerment and International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2018, it’s 100 years from when women got the vote in the UK. As an organisation firmly within the IT sector we are lucky to buck the industry trend on women with 60% of the company shareholders being female. As an educator we believe in the power of knowledge but this alone won’t take you to the places you want to be.

We wanted to share some of our thoughts about being women in business and what the #PushforProgress theme means to us.

Claire Agutter

Job title: Director, ITSM Zone, Chief Architect, VeriSM

Role: I started ITSM Zone ten years ago to make service management training widely accessible around the world. Since then, I’ve seen my role grow to include presenting, content creation and working with the amazing service management community. I love to travel and I’m very fortunate that my role comes with a lot of that! Last year I set a new record visiting three continents in one month.

I’ve always put my hand up for anything I’ve been asked to do – even if it pushes me far outside of my comfort zone. I think we can push for progress by constantly challenging ourselves and taking on new projects. I’m fortunate at ITSM Zone to have a wonderful team whose support allows me to do more.

Kirsty Unila

Job title: Operations Manager for ITSM Zone

Role: My role is heavily focussed on business development and the success of the partner program; it’s a very varied role and no two days are the same. I love that I have the opportunity to work with a brilliant team and with so many great customers and organisations all around the world.

I truly believe that we need to encourage the “next generation” to learn and achieve all that they can in their chosen fields. We can help by supporting, mentoring and coaching, especially young women in STEM or those who are breaking stereotypes. We need to empower the young women of today, so that they have the opportunity to become the power of tomorrow.

Kirsty, Rachel and Kat from ITSM Zone
Kirsty, Rachel and Kat

Kat Turner

Job title : Education Portfolio Manager

Role: Coming from a background of education and multimedia, I am employed at ITSM Zone. My role involves working on course production, presenting at events, creating online marketing content and ensuring all our courses are forward facing and meet the needs of our customers.

We can push for progress by embracing new ideas and striving for change in both the professional and personal aspects of our lives. I believe that continuing to set challenges to improve builds confidence and opens doors both for myself and my team. I am fortunate enough to work for an organization that strives to be innovative and forward thinking and enables me to work flexibility, share ideas and embrace opportunities.

Rachel McElroy

Job title : Marketing Lead

Role: I am an ITSM marketing consultant working with the ITSM Zone team predominantly on content ideas and creation, social media and event coverage to highlight the benefits of learning new skills and adopting the company ethos of lifelong learning. Education is such a powerful tool for progress, change and empowerment and have learnt so much from working within this team. Working remotely we need to communicate, trust and understand our roles clearly within the organisation to function as a cohesive unit but not be afraid to question the status quo either.

We can push for progress by challenging stereotypes in all aspects of our lives and by being mindful that as humans we should be building each other up not tearing each other down. It doesn’t matter where I choose to work, where I am located, what I’m wearing, how old I am or that I have children. My goal is to do a good job, give it 110% always and add value to the team and I am lucky to be surrounded with a group of people that share the same outlook as I do. I want my daughters to grow up knowing that they really can do anything they set their mind to!

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