ITSM Crowd 21 – DevOps: What does it mean for me?

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In episode 21 of the ITSM Crowd we were joined by James Gander from Gander Service Management, and Rob England, author of the popular IT Skeptic blog. Our topic was DevOps, but looking specifically from the ops perspective to see how roles and skillsets might change in a DevOps future.

DevOps isn’t NoOps

We looked at how DevOps will change the role of operations, and we all agreed that operations isn’t going to disappear.  The role of ops will be to enable dev, for example by automating environment creation and providing monitoring and license management.  There will always be a role for the service desk, and for processes like incident management and change management.  Change management will evolve to ‘get out of the way’ by enabling rapid change.

Rise of the Toolmakers

We also discussed the concept of a ‘toolmaker’ or ‘toolsmith’, a term that is being used to describe how ops will create systems that enable dev to work more effectively, as well as considering what operations staff need to do to make sure they stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.  Our next episode is on September 7th at 9am BST, talking about the evolution of the service desk in Service Desk 202o.

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  1. Great episode, the intersection between ITIL and DevOps is fascinating and will have far reaching consequences not only for IT, but I suspect business, period.

    As a crusty old sysadmin, sometime Dev and sometime ITSM package implementer, I could see James’ difficulty and confusion which was me not so long ago.

    The Seven Sysadmin Stages of DevOps Acceptance …

    * It’s just a fad started by a cult of Californian hippies.
    * There might be something in it but it’s nothing to do with proper IT.
    * It’s just for webscale companies.
    * These tools are pretty cool, wish we had stuff like this.
    * Oh flip, this might be important.
    * OMG! The IT world will implode!
    * Alright, calm down, you need to know this stuff.

    1. Well said Chazza 🙂 DevOps doesn’t have to be about blowing up everything we do currently, but there are certainly some good ideas in there. IT folk can’t afford to sit on their hands.

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