DevOps In 40 Words

July 22, 2016

Many thanks to our wonderful Mentors for their words of wisdom. This time we challenged them to answer 3 questions about DevOps in 40 words


Daniel Breston

What is DevOps? DevOps is a business movement of improvement that highlights the things needed in terms of people, processes and automation to better create, deliver and support products, features, technical upgrades or fixes that require technology

Why do I need DevOps?

It depends on you.  For a senior business management DevOps will bring a culture of collaboration on technology value.  If you’re IT management, DevOps will enable your teams to remove obstacles or enable goals that are business driven. If you’re an employee DevOps will bring satisfaction on how technology created, delivers and support technology.

Why does my organisation need DevOps? To remain competitive, to lessen the cost and effort of changing the use of technology, to create things that customers will value and to engender an internal spirit of collaboration, communication and cooperation internally

Karen-FerrisKaren Ferris

What is DevOps? DevOps is a movement and a cultural change in organisations that bring together both development and operations working together in a collaborative environment. Development becomes responsible for the operational performance of the services it develops and operations are responsible for ensuring services are developed with the operational environment and needs in mind. No longer does the dead cat get thrown over the fence!

Why do I need DevOps? It is a movement gaining momentum and is not going away. As an IT professional I need to understand the movement and get involved or get left behind.

Why does my organisation need DevOps? As more and more organisations go digital they also need to adopt DevOps and Agile practices to be more responsive to changing business needs. We can no longer wait 6 months for a monolithic release that has high risk but rather make incremental changes on a daily or weekly basis that have lower risk. Netflix, Amazon can do it. So can you!

Stuart-RanceStuart Rance

What is DevOps?  DevOps can be explained using “the three ways"- three very powerful, practical approaches to managing the work of IT departments, particularly within organisations that use IT to conduct every aspect of the business and that rely very heavily on their customer facing IT. My brief explanation of the three ways - Consider end-to-end flow, Create feedback loops, Experiment and learn

Why do I need DevOps? I believe that the practices of DevOps are so powerful that they should be used by anybody involved in IT management, whether or not they take a DevOps approach. I’d go further and suggest that you could apply them wherever you happen to work and whatever you happen to be managing.

Why does my organisation need DevOps? The three ways of DevOps aren’t just relevant for organisations that have decided to adopt a DevOps approach to IT service management. Every organisation can benefit from the discipline of the three ways.


Damian Bowen

What is DevOps? To me DevOps is a collaborative concept to ensure value outcomes are delivered by IT to the Business in an agile and responsive manner, ensuring collective responsibility and accountability through the whole delivery lifecycle for the solution.

Why do I need DevOps? I need DevOps to become more responsive to my colleagues in the business; during planning, design, execution and operational support of a service provided.  I absolutely have to provide consistency of truth/message. 

Why does my organisation need DevOps? Quite simple, to provide competitive advantage in the market place for my organisation and to our customers. 

Suresh-GPSuresh GP

What is DevOps? DevOps is a cultural movement that stresses the need for collaboration, communication and integration with not only development team and operations but also different cross-functional teams to realise business value for the enterprise.
DevOps focuses primarily on the following aspects  1. Balance Agility and Stability  2. Reduce Wastage and improve flow 3. Deliver business value interms of improved market share, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Why do I need DevOps? Today's world demands delivering faster products and services at a lower cost.  This also means to leverage process and tool automation combined with reducing waste and bottlenecks without compromising on stability of the system. If we do not embrace the trend towards Devops, IT might become irrelevant to business by not delivering true business value.  

Why does my organisation need DevOps? Business today is tired of silos, adopting myriad of frameworks and struggling to find an end-end value chain. Organisations need to embrace DevOps to articulate an end-end value chain where everyone in the eco-system identifies how their respective roles help achieve strategic objectives. This way there is collaboration, communication and seamless flow to prevent bottlenecks and improved agility using tools and automation.

Basab-NandiBasab Nandi

What is DevOps? DevOps to me is “DEVOIDING of OPACITIES” in a projectised operational deliveries - cutting across the cultural and functional silos; including but not limited to Projects, Operations and Testing.

Why do I need DevOps? I need DevOps to have a reconciled set of issues & resolutions, risks & mitigation, changes and recommendations, from a management and governance perspective. I also expect a collaborated effort with joint ownership and minimized inter-team communication gaps and cross accusations

Why does my organisation need DevOps? To bring cultural change to work in collaborative and responsive environment across all functions; to focus on and achieve value for deliverables in a projectised operational delivery system, reporting to a single lean governance body.

Ok, so some of their answers exceeded the 40 word limit - but with this much information, it's hard to limit it!

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