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Many businesses and organisations are embarking on transformational journeys to become more efficient and more competitive. The Cloud enables a move from traditional, siloed IT to a service-enabled, agile, and elastic environment that provides new opportunities.

Cloud computing foundation  course & exam

The Cloud computing foundation online course provides you with an overview of Cloud Computing and its relationship with other areas of information management and includes some technical knowledge.
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What is "Cloud Computing"?

The Cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer. These services can be accessed using various internet browsers, or through apps that have been developed to allow easy access from mobile and tablet devices.

Why do I need to use the Cloud?

There are many advantages to using the Cloud; you can access your data on any device that is connected to the internet and you don’t have to use your local drive to store everything, maxing out the available space in the process. In addition, users of the Cloud don’t have to have expensive, high end laptops, PCs or servers, they are simply using what they need at the time it’s needed.

Why is the Cloud Important?

There can be great benefits to businesses by using shared computing resources available through Cloud computing. Some reasons to use the Cloud are the efficiency, flexibility, and strategic value that it can bring to the organisation:


Efficiency is achieved using Cloud computing, data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can be backed up and restored if needed in a fast and reliable way. In addition, Cloud computing allows businesses to have scalable resources without the cost of acquisition and maintenance.


The ability to have flexible resources can be important – there are times when our fluctuating workloads mean that requirements need to be scaled up. The Cloud allows for this without having to make an investment that also covers quieter periods. Additionally, businesses can determine their level of control with “as-a-service options” offered by their Cloud provider.

Strategic Value

The need to deliver more services, more quickly than ever brings a requirement for increased productivity. Cloud users can focus on their business without worrying about software updates, and can hold virtual meetings with teams, accessing the same information without the need to be together.

Cloud Free Resources

Cloud computing at a glancepdf

This free download will help you understand the cloud computing principles as you learn. You can also print it and use it as a guide to see your progress.

Cloud computing on a pagepdf

Use our one page Cloud Computing infographic to become familiar with the concepts of Cloud Computing and then head over to the Cloud Computing Course overview download to get the most out of the Cloud Computing methodology.
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