2016 has been quite the year; in politics, cyber security, and of course IT service management.  In our last few episodes of the year, we had one final catch up with team mentor to discuss the best bits of 2016 and look ahead to 2017. Thank you First, a thank you.  It’s a pleasure to host …Read More

The ITSM Crowd is our regular chat with ITSM Zone mentors and industry experts, covering all sorts of topics and giving practical advice to practitioners.  In episode 22, we looked at how the role of the service desk is evolving and what the service desk of the future might look like. Thank you to Karen …Read More

In episode 21 of the ITSM Crowd we were joined by James Gander from Gander Service Management, and Rob England, author of the popular IT Skeptic blog. Our topic was DevOps, but looking specifically from the ops perspective to see how roles and skillsets might change in a DevOps future. DevOps isn’t NoOps We looked …Read More

In episode 20 of the ITSM Crowd we were joined by David Wright from the Service Desk Institute and Damian Bowen from NTT Data.  David talked about the purpose of the Service Desk Institute and the benefits it offers to the service desk community, including conferences, training and the service desk certification scheme.  The certification …Read More

Episode 17 of the ITSM Crowd is all about Agile Service Management.  We had the honour of hosting Jayne Groll from the DevOps Institute, author of the Agile Service Management Guide, plus Ranger 4‘s Helen Beal and Daniel Breston and Suresh GP from Taub Solutions. In our discussion we looked at where this new are …Read More

On May 5 we held 2 episodes of the ITSM Crowd to discuss our most popular topic yet – going solo.  Many of our training clients contact us asking about how they can become a trainer, coach, consultant or contractor in IT service management, so we got together our ITSM Zone team of mentors to …Read More

This post has been kindly provided to us by Nicklas Fredriksson.  Part of ITSM Zone’s team of virtual mentors, Nicklas is a passionate, experienced and much appreciated ITSM magician with 20 years in the field. Former member of the ITIL Expert panel in Northern Europe, he is a much appreciated and highly valued ITIL teacher …Read More

Where is IT service management headed?  In this episode, we cover trichromatic ITSM and the increasing need for autonomy. In episode 14 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter was joined by Peter Johnson from CXI. Peter is blending his IT experience with his background in psychology to look at what really makes a successful IT …Read More

Organisations need to offer their staff more than just 3 days a year in a classroom.  What does a modern IT capability program look like? In episode 13 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter is joined by Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith from Kinetic IT.  Michelle and Simon are pioneering a 70:20:10 approach to training …Read More

How do businesses know what IT service management frameworks and standards to use?  The ITSM Crowd discuss this difficult topic In episode 12 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter was joined by ITSM gurus from Europe and Australia.  All part of ITSM Zone’s team mentor, Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Stuart Rance, Simone Moore, Steve Morgan and Simon …Read More