Did you know that as part of any ITSM training course you get a half hour session with a global ITSM expert of your choice absolutely free? Many of the most successful people in the world have talked openly about the benefit of using a mentor or coach, think Richard Branson, Condoleeza Rice, Steve Jobs, …Read More

“The DevOps Foundation training provides a good overview of what DevOps is and how things need to change in the enterprise to drive adoption. It would be a good resource for people who are not of the DevOps mindset to get a basic understanding of what it is about, for the same reason people take …Read More

Just a little word to thank you for your advice  and support. After the SD and SS, I finally obtained the SO exams. Beyond the result, thought  all the IT Training  Zone materials for Expert program really help in understanding all concepts, theirs interfaces  and way of  implementations. This solution definitively had more value than …Read More

Kinetic IT has recently undertaken a project to design a new ITIL training solution; a key component of which was the online training provided by IT Training Zone. Kinetic IT is a managed service organisation, and we consider our people to be our greatest asset. Therefore, maintaining our commitment to developing service management capability during …Read More

I chose to do the ITIL Foundation Certification primarily because I wanted to improve my career and salary prospects and I needed an accredited course I could study without having prior accredited training. The course syllabus itself is pretty big and admittedly I felt rather daunted at first, but the 24×7 tutor support which ITSM …Read More

The ITSM Zone Virtual Mentor service is a free of charge offering to every student, giving them access to an experienced mentor with years of industry knowledge. The aim is to allow them to ask any questions they may have following their training, and giving an insight into how they can transfer what they have …Read More

Why did you decide to take the OBASHI training? If fact, I was hesitating to go or no go with OBASHI as I have heard no one hears about it, well, this was the same reason why I have chosen to go for it, as long as it adds one extra piece in the ITSM …Read More