The Christmas break is well and truly over for service management professionals everywhere, and as we are all catapulted back into our day to day business routine and busy lives it can be difficult to make time to consider what you want to achieve this year. BUT Neglect your self at your peril, the workplace, …Read More

Where did 2017 go?! In this blog, lead tutor Claire Agutter looks at some of the highlights in a whirlwind service management year. It doesn’t feel like more than a few weeks since I was talking about what happened in 2016 with our lovely panel of experts on the ITSM Crowd. (see 2016 in review …Read More

Change gets a bad rap was the conclusion we drew from a recent episode of the ITSM Crowd. An interesting admission from our panel team of Rob England, Karen Ferris and James Gander though was actually that a lot of the time, it’s our fault. We talk about change being hard, difficult, painful, relentless, our language …Read More

Edinburgh, a historic city of great beauty and atmosphere was the venue for the much anticipated IT in the Park conference this week, the last event of the year for the ITSM zone team. We were excited not only to attend but also to provide sponsorship to a service management event which is striving to …Read More

It’s conference season! Pack your bags….following the launch of the new VeriSM™ service management approach, our lead tutor Claire Agutter is busy presenting at and attending conferences and meet-ups for the rest of the year. If you’d like to see Claire speak, or arrange a time to have a chat with her about our online …Read More

Here’s a trend we observe with some of our e-learning customers.  They purchase a course with 90 day’s access.  They log in, and take a look at the materials.  Then, they do nothing for 89 days.  And on day 90, suddenly there is a lot to do before the license expires. In the wider industry, …Read More

In December of 2016 we created a survey for IT Professionals with the aim of gathering information about the formal training that people have already taken and what their views on the future of IT Service Management training are. To ensure that we obtained direct, honest answers, we asked for no personal information, keeping the …Read More

It’s already half way through October, so there are now just 18 days left to purchase our best ever ITIL Expert offer.  We know that any training takes an investment in money and perhaps more importantly time, so we asked our network of ITSM Zone mentors to tell us what ITIL Expert means to them. …Read More

The Olympics in Rio is well under way and watching all those driven motivated individuals perform cannot help but stir up emotions of great pride and admiration in most people. This level of commitment in the traditional summer slow down can feel somewhat at odds with ourselves as we juggle diary commitments, holidays, warmer weather and a …Read More

London, May 2016, the itSMF UK Professional Service Management Framework Launch This week, I was one of the guests at the itSMF UK launch event for PSMF, the Professional Service Management Framework.  In this blog, I’ll explain the background to PSMF, how it works and what it means for anyone working in IT service management. …Read More