You may have noticed that we’ve recently made some changes to the ITIL Expert Program. Previously, students were given the option of Lifecycle Track study, Capability Track study, or a tailor made package with a mixture of courses from both tracks. We’ve now increased the number of courses included within the program, so that all …Read More

How do I implement ITIL? A short while ago, I wrote a blog to answer a common question we get from our customers – “how do I become an ITIL consultant?”  In it, I make the case that there is actually no such role and the question itself isn’t the right question to ask. There’s …Read More

This post has been kindly provided to us by Nicklas Fredriksson.  Part of ITSM Zone’s team of virtual mentors, Nicklas is a passionate, experienced and much appreciated ITSM magician with 20 years in the field. Former member of the ITIL Expert panel in Northern Europe, he is a much appreciated and highly valued ITIL teacher …Read More

Every question you ever wanted to ask about ITIL Expert certification – answered! A few weeks ago I wrote a blog answering all of your ITIL Foundation questions. Since it was published, it has had hundreds of views, and some of you got in touch to ask for a follow up about the ITIL Expert …Read More

ITSM Zone are proud to introduce Foundations for Professionals; a modular program designed to give IT professionals knowledge of a broad range of tools and frameworks. IT and Service Management changes so quickly; there are traditional methods that have been around for years that used to work well and in some cases are still be …Read More

In recent blogs I’ve answered some common questions relating to ITIL Foundation certification and next steps in ITIL education. Another common question that we get asked by our students is “how do I become an ITIL consultant?” This question often comes from people’s desire to share their experience with ITIL and get the best value …Read More

Every month, thousands of people around the world successfully pass their ITIL Foundation exam. According to feedback from our training delegates, most of them are taking the exam to either improve their career prospects or because it’s an area that is of personal interest to them. So, once you’ve completed your ITIL Foundation exam, what …Read More

The start of a new year is a great time to think about training goals, and many of our customers tell us they are considering becoming an ITIL Expert in 2016.  Achieving this is no easy task and requires a lot of commitment to your study and personal development, so is it worth it? Here …Read More

Everything you ever wanted to know about ITIL Foundation Certification – answered! In my day to day work as an ITIL tutor, I see many of the same questions being asked over and over again in forums and discussion groups relating to the ITIL Foundation. In this article I’ve answered questions about fees, certifications, exam …Read More

It is no longer a question whether project management is important. Recent numbers from a survey by Oracle state that 90% of respondents believe project management to be critical (47%) or somewhat important (43%) for the successful project delivery and the ability of the organisation to remain on the market. Only 2.5% of projects are …Read More