Edinburgh, a historic city of great beauty and atmosphere was the venue for the much anticipated IT in the Park conference this week, the last event of the year for the ITSM zone team. We were excited not only to attend but also to provide sponsorship to a service management event which is striving to …Read More

What is ITSM Maturity? Have you ever stopped to think about what IT service management (ITSM) maturity is and how you assess it? A quick search of the phrase brings back a number of different opportunities to apply ITSM maturity assessment models to your organization, but what are you measuring and what does it all mean? …Read More

ITSM certifications and qualifications still have an impact on career and salary prospects and IT is still a growing industry. Computerworld’s Salary Survey showed an average of 3,6% increase in IT specialists’ overall compensations for 2015 from the previous year, and the 2015 analysis by HR and recruitment experts Hays concur that senior-level technology professionals …Read More

On June 23rd, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU).  The impact of this on businesses inside and outside the UK will not be clear for many months, but in the short term UK businesses report a drop in confidence. According to a survey carried out by Swiss bank Credit Suisse, …Read More

What does a career in IT service management look like? In episode 19 of the ITSM Crowd, we look at IT service management as a career. Barclay Rae, chief executive of itSMF UK was our special guest.  He introduced the Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF), a new itSMF UK initiative to start a discussion about …Read More

London, May 2016, the itSMF UK Professional Service Management Framework Launch This week, I was one of the guests at the itSMF UK launch event for PSMF, the Professional Service Management Framework.  In this blog, I’ll explain the background to PSMF, how it works and what it means for anyone working in IT service management. …Read More

This post has been kindly provided to us by Nicklas Fredriksson.  Part of ITSM Zone’s team of virtual mentors, Nicklas is a passionate, experienced and much appreciated ITSM magician with 20 years in the field. Former member of the ITIL Expert panel in Northern Europe, he is a much appreciated and highly valued ITIL teacher …Read More

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Organisations need to offer their staff more than just 3 days a year in a classroom.  What does a modern IT capability program look like? In episode 13 of the ITSM Crowd, Claire Agutter is joined by Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith from Kinetic IT.  Michelle and Simon are pioneering a 70:20:10 approach to training …Read More

ITSM Zone are proud to introduce Foundations for Professionals; a modular program designed to give IT professionals knowledge of a broad range of tools and frameworks. IT and Service Management changes so quickly; there are traditional methods that have been around for years that used to work well and in some cases are still be …Read More