ITSM Zone are proud to introduce Foundations for Professionals; a modular program designed to give IT professionals knowledge of a broad range of tools and frameworks. IT and Service Management changes so quickly; there are traditional methods that have been around for years that used to work well and in some cases are still be …Read More

It is no longer a question whether project management is important. Recent numbers from a survey by Oracle state that 90% of respondents believe project management to be critical (47%) or somewhat important (43%) for the successful project delivery and the ability of the organisation to remain on the market. Only 2.5% of projects are …Read More

The Story Behind the Training for ISO 20000 Behind every course registration there is a person with a life. This is Brian’s story. I work for the public sector, in a role that demands regular international travel. My story begins with a project requiring me to be in Saudi Arabia for 8 months. Everyone who travels …Read More

Many people ask about the roles required by the ISO/IEC standards. It is stated strongly that the standard does not indicate an organizational structure, but more indicates the requirements of the the roles within the company. However, it requires at times to specification of the authorities and responsibilities without specifying the term role. Here are …Read More