Have you heard ‘agile’ mentioned more often recently? We have! Many of the organizations we work with want to ‘be agile’, and increase their ability to deliver high quality work at speed. The dictionary defines agile as ‘being able to move quickly and easily’. Organizational agility refers to the ability to react to changes and make …Read More

At DevOps Days London this year I gave an Ignite presentation on ‘Agile your ITIL’.  The Ignite format gives presenters just 5 minutes to get their points across, with slides that advance every 15 seconds.  It was a scary experience, and it does really make you focus on what you want to say – no …Read More

On April 28, the Technology User Group held an event in Leeds.   TechUG gives local IT professionals a chance to network, hear educational content and benefit from independent advice. The event had a number of tracks, including a DevOps track curated by specialists from SkyBet.  I was invited to present and used the opportunity to …Read More

What’s important about Agile? ITSM Zone’s Experts Share Their Views on Agile and IT service management In our most recent blog, we introduced Agile and looked at how an Agile approach to IT service management (ITSM) can deliver real benefits. As we launch our Certified Agile Service Manager course, we reached out to ITSM Zone’s …Read More

How do Agile principles relate to IT service management?  And what does it mean for today’s IT organisation? As more and more IT service management (ITSM) methods and frameworks become available, it is easy to concentrate on just one of them – to the point of denying the value of others. This approach can actually …Read More