The Christmas break is well and truly over for service management professionals everywhere, and as we are all catapulted back into our day to day business routine and busy lives it can be difficult to make time to consider what you want to achieve this year. BUT Neglect your self at your peril, the workplace, …Read More

Edinburgh, a historic city of great beauty and atmosphere was the venue for the much anticipated IT in the Park conference this week, the last event of the year for the ITSM zone team. We were excited not only to attend but also to provide sponsorship to a service management event which is striving to …Read More

As a marketer in the ITSM space I am probably a little guilty of knowing all the ITSM buzzwords but not so much about the drilled-down processes involved in a lot of the terminology I hear on a daily basis.  I know that I need to be more agile, and having multiple deadlines on many …Read More

Did you know that as part of any ITSM training course you get a half hour session with a global ITSM expert of your choice absolutely free? Many of the most successful people in the world have talked openly about the benefit of using a mentor or coach, think Richard Branson, Condoleeza Rice, Steve Jobs, …Read More