Sometimes we just need a quick, straightforward answer. No long winded explanations, complicated discussion or in depth analysis. I asked our team of Mentors to tell us all about SIAM in just 40 words. Here’s what they came up with: Steve Morgan of Syniad IT   What is SIAM?  SIAM is a management method for …Read More

Today’s fast paced, constantly changing business world requires more from employees, managers and contractors than ever before. This places more pressure on us; more responsibilities, tighter deadlines and greater expectations, leaving us with less time than ever before. With less time, it’s important that what we do have is used effectively. Education and training is …Read More

We were delighted to recently find that our SIAM Foundation course has been reviewed in the itSMF International online magazine. Michael Imhoff Nielsen agreed to “test drive” the new certification course during a service manager day in the Netherlands and had the following to say – “Overall impression of this e-learning is that it is …Read More

You may have noticed that we’ve recently made some changes to the ITIL Expert Program. Previously, students were given the option of Lifecycle Track study, Capability Track study, or a tailor made package with a mixture of courses from both tracks. We’ve now increased the number of courses included within the program, so that all …Read More

Reuben Connolly, BRM and a Regional Technology Manager in the Overseas region of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has recently overseen a project to gain formal certification for some of his team of BRM’s to help them in their job role. Here, he tells us how the Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training made a difference to …Read More

When you consider how young the IT profession is, it’s no wonder people ask about the Business Relationship Management role. Think about how long HR, finance, marketing, and operations roles have been marinating in companies. In fact, the first real generation of life-time IT professionals are just now beginning to retire. So, it stands to …Read More

In December of 2016 we created a survey for IT Professionals with the aim of gathering information about the formal training that people have already taken and what their views on the future of IT Service Management training are. To ensure that we obtained direct, honest answers, we asked for no personal information, keeping the …Read More

ITSM certifications and qualifications still have an impact on career and salary prospects and IT is still a growing industry. Computerworld’s Salary Survey showed an average of 3,6% increase in IT specialists’ overall compensations for 2015 from the previous year, and the 2015 analysis by HR and recruitment experts Hays concur that senior-level technology professionals …Read More

Many thanks to our wonderful Mentors for their words of wisdom. This time we challenged them to answer 3 questions about DevOps in 40 words Daniel Breston What is DevOps? DevOps is a business movement of improvement that highlights the things needed in terms of people, processes and automation to better create, deliver and support …Read More

In the corporate world of today, the Business Relationship Manager is acting as a connector, orchestrator, and navigator between the service provider and one or more business units, becoming a crucial link between them. The Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) is the organisation making it possible for every professional to acquire the needed set of …Read More