Are Government Departments Ready to Transition to the Cloud?

July 22, 2019

Everybody is talking about the cloud, starting from small to mid-sized organizations up to gigantic companies, healthcare organizations and even governments. It’s a popular topic across industries as well, opening opportunities for CEO’s and service departments to get rid of old ways of working and leverage benefits including increased scalability, better resilience and control of costs. Taken from our research and interviews with well-known leaders in the Cloud Computing industry we’ve come to a conclusion that will change your perspective about how data information works and what can be done with it. Cloud technologies deliver security, flexibility and resilience that allows the work of departments to progress naturally.

Moving forward with Cloud

When we say progress naturally, we’re referring to adopting technology innovations that will deliver cost-efficient and predictable service – precisely what governments, government agencies and private sector businesses are looking for. Keeping control of costs while updating and protecting data by using cloud computing solutions is a worthwhile investment. Governments are starting to recognize the unlimited potential of the cloud, which can remove the stress of buying and housing servers and hardware, updating software and maintaining data protection. This flexibility is only a tiny bit of the benefits the Cloud can offer.
A key driver for cloud adoption is the enablement of outstanding customer service experience. More and more public sector organizations have started to think about about the quality of the services they provide, including how to improve the customer experience (CX) and the digital experience (DX) elements of CX..

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IT is changing

Changes in IT have allowed government departments and public sector agencies to get more value from their IT teams and IT investments. Empowering IT teams with the right tools and training programs allows them to shift from reactive to proactive working, focusing on delivering benefits rather than firefighting. Adopting cloud solutions will free the IT department to work on other projects as the cloud service provider takes care of regular maintenance and updates as well as security procedures. Government organizations need to make sure their IT staff have the right skills to adapt to these changes.
Cloud technologies support the new ways of working many government organizations are adopting. Scalable IT solutions allow rapid experimentation, a great fit for Agile software development and DevOps projects.
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Upskilling staff for tomorrow’s requirements…today

Public section organizations are seeing the advantage of having T-shaped professionals in their teams. T-shaped people have deep knowledge in their specialist area, but also have a broader range of skills that allow them to interact with other teams and collaborate right across the organization.
To support your staff and help them become T-shaped, we’ve created Elearnist –Training as a Service. With Elearnist, you pay a subscription for each of your team members, giving them access to a new course each month and helping them to grow their skills. Visit the Elearnist site to learn more, or contact us if you’ve got a team to subscribe.

An enterprise approach

Collaboration and communication is vital in any business, but what happens with government agencies when it comes to communication and access to important data and documents? The cloud allows government employees and contractors to access documents from anywhere in the world, as long as there’s internet access. It saves time, money, and resources to get the work done and focus on more important matters. This approach can support wider organizational goals including allowing flexible working, and reducing environmental impact through printed documents, unnecessary hardware etc.

Where to start?

Cloud solutions come in all shapes and sizes. The best approach is to have an idea of your requirements to allow you to evaluate the options available to you. All staff need to be engaged; this will prepare and energize the workforce to collaborate.  Cloud migrations represent a fundamental shift in workflows and employee management so training the workforce is an essential part of the strategy governments need to implement.
Management needs to understand how cloud migration can accelerate service delivery and will need to communicate with IT teams to define what goals they need to accomplish to provide outstanding service delivery. Finding the right technology partner and having a clear direction to invest in employee training and transformation is all part of a successful cloud strategy. Failing to adopt a technology can help to address government needs will result in a loss of money and time which is irrecoverable.
To get started, partner with the right cloud service provider and enable employees to get all the information they need to transition to the cloud successfully. Cloud service providers and accredited training companies can increase the confidence government agencies need to make their cloud strategy a success.

Get your team ready for the Cloud

Help your staff get ready for the transition to Cloud technologies with the Cloud Computing Foundation Course. The course provides an introduction to Cloud, including its history, different cloud models, the benefits of moving to cloud and management considerations for a cloud environment. View the Cloud Computing Foundation Course here and contact us if you’ve got a team to train for access to exclusive discounts.

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