Agile your ITIL

At DevOps Days London this year I gave an Ignite presentation on ‘Agile your ITIL’.  The Ignite format gives presenters just 5 minutes to get their points across, with slides that advance every 15 seconds.  It was a scary experience, and it does really make you focus on what you want to say – no space for waffle!  I’ve summarised my key points and you’ll find the video below.Claire Agutter

Agile your ITIL??

DevOps Days London 2016 was aimed at large enterprises who are either starting out or already established in the DevOps space.  I know from my own experience and talking to our customers that many of these organisations have invested heavily in ITIL, so they want to protect the investment they’ve already made.  During my presentation I wanted to show that ITIL and DevOps can actually work together, so it’s not a case of throwing everything out and starting again.

Perception vs. Reality

Some organisations view ITIL as slow and cumbersome.  Others see DevOps as dangerous and ‘techie’.  Neither of these perceptions are correct, but they are often based on people’s experience of poor organisational change management when bringing in new ways of working.  It’s important to understand what a business is trying to achieve, whether they are doing ITIL, DevOps, or something completely different.

Agile Service Management

Agile software development principles can be applied to our service management processes to help make sure they are fit for purpose – whether they are brand new or already in place.  Concepts like designing iteratively and incrementally, fast feedback and minimum viable process will help us make sure we get just what we need.  You can learn more about Agile Service Management here.

DevOps Days London 2016 Video

Here’s my presentation – if you’ve got any comments or feedback please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.  

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