Agile service management, why Agile & why now?

May 11, 2018

Why Agile and why now?
Agile is not a shiny new thing, in fact it has been around as a movement for nearly two decades but is now being recognised as the answer to the need for speed in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy.
Organisations that do not deliver new innovation at speed will fail to survive, that is a simple fact of today’s business world.
Technology is changing fast, IT delivery needs to be integrated into the whole organisation and businesses cannot afford to work in silos. Customers have high expectations of what they want and when they want it.
The most successful organisations in the world are those that have adapted to market conditions, embraced digitalisation and learnt to react to their customers needs quickly.
Adopting an Agile approach can deliver:
Speed. Businesses that are slow to react will die.
Increased business value. Get the right products/systems in place fast
More customer focus meaning happier customers and better user experience
Change resilience/ competitive advantage, as you deliver more rapidly
Less failure. Tried and tested prototypes through the use of design sprints
Organizational buy in, teams have more input into changes
Agile service manager elearning
Fail fast and learn:
Agile addresses that many organisations have tried to implement service management methodologies like ITIL to improve their processes and capabilities but recognises long projects, expensive consultants and months of development create new documentation, but don’t always lead to changes in behaviour and culture.
This can lead to the project being seen ultimately as a failure.
ASM applies agile thinking to IT service management. Processes are designed and released incrementally, allowing the organisation to adapt to new ways of working. Feedback is used to improve the next process increment and gain buy in and understanding from employees for the changes and the reasoning behind them.
The ASM training covers roles, artifacts and events for ASM, and will help you to successfully implement ‘just enough’ service management in your organisation.
ASM training is suitable for delegates with Agile, DevOps or ITIL backgrounds. For ITIL Experts, this course is ideal to help you apply your service management knowledge and deliver value in your organisation.
ITSM Zone’s ASM training is accredited by the DevOps Institute.
Structure and time:
There are 13 lessons in the course starting with an introduction to ASM and its relationship with Scrum, Scrum and ASM roles, Scrum and ASM events, Scrum and ASM artifacts, and getting started.
The recommended study time is 16 hours and our online learning is broken down into video, quizzes, study guides, fact files and is interactive and easy to follow.
You can find the course overview right here:
Students benefit from 24/7 helpdesk support and an online portal that can be accessed through any device to allow for learning on the go, essential in our busy lifestyles.
Don’t take our word for it about the benefits of Agile, read this learning review of the ASM course from Doug Tedder.
Doug is a internationally acclaimed thought leader,consultant, author speaker and service management trainer with 20 years experience in the industry. He has a plethora of certifications, was recognised as an “ IT industry legend” by Cherwell in 2016 and is a contributor to VeriSM and a co author of the VeriSM pocket guide.
He strongly believes that you never stop learning which is completely aligned to our core values of lifelong learning at ITSM Zone and with this in mind he has recently taken the Certified Agile Service Manager course
Here is his honest review of the online course and some tips to successful self study.
” To be honest, I typically struggle as a student with online training. I get too easily distracted, and I will allow myself to be pulled off into other things.
What worked for me this time is I blocked the time out on my calendar so it was booked in.
I set a goal for taking the exam within two weeks of starting the class, and committed the time.
Having good courseware (of course) can't be overlooked. The material was broken down appropriately - not too much stuff at a time, not too much time sitting in the chair just listening or reading.
The content had good descriptions, was varied and the commentary was delivered at a good pace.
I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn more about how adopting and implementing an Agile approach into your service management will benefit your organisation”

You can read more about Doug here

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