Why Choose ITSM Zone

At ITSM Zone we want to make a difference to your career. We are dedicated to IT service management and to making your journey through our courses as easy as possible, providing you with genuine skills you can take through to your job. Here are just some of the ways we can help you:

ITIL was created as a set of best practices to ensure IT services are aligned to the needs of the business and support its core processes. It demonstrates how to use IT as a way to improve, transform and grow the business, as well as create a more efficient working environment with contingencies in place.
  • Free Virtual Mentor session with every individual course
  • Tutor support 24×7 throughout every course
  • Up-to-date, accredited courses
  • A wide range of courses
  • Discounts on multi-user packages to help you maximise value
  • Free resources to help you on your journey
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Get a quick introduction to ITIL and service management essentials with ITIL Lite.
Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel.

We are proud of the fact we are a real training company, run by real people who are dedicated to making a difference to the industry. Our courses are fully accredited, meaning that by undertaking training with us you know you will be gaining the knowledge to further your career. Our courses offer so many more benefits as well:

  • Free Virtual Mentor session with every individual course purchase to help you apply your new knowledge and fast-track results from your training
  • Tutor support 24×7 throughout every course
  • Specific, relevant advice from dedicated professionals in the industryThe latest, up-to-date, accredited courses so you’re always ahead of the game
  • A wide range of courses to support ITSM professionals at all levels of their career
  • Discounts on multi-user packages to help you maximise value
  • Free resources to help you on your journey
  • All of our courses are available whichever device you use – from iPhone and iPad through to PC or Mac.
  • We’ve been delivering online training since 2007
  • We’ve helped thousands of professionals across every continent
  • A real training company staffed by a team of real world, experienced and qualified IT services people

Our Training+ Virtual Mentor Programme has proved one of our most popular services, and it is offered for FREE with every individual course purchased. The Training+ Virtual mentor programme helps reinforce learning through a dedicated, experienced mentor who has spent years within the industry. They are on hand to help you identify next steps and offer valuable insight into how you can use your new knowledge throughout your career. Our mentors include ITIL author Randy Steinberg and RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience author Stuart Rance.

Our pass rates are consistently in line with or above published global averages for each certification we offer.

Multi-User and Corporate Training

ITSM Zone also offers multi user training and corporate discounts for organisations looking to purchase 3 or more courses for members of staff. Our training packages are individually tailored for organisations and provide all of the same benefits as individual courses plus many more. Organisations buying multi-user training can benefit from:

  • Preferential pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Progress tracking and reporting
  • 24×7 technical and tutor support
  • Access to our Training+ Virtual Mentor programme
  • Branded training portal with the ability to set up your own users
  • Flexible start dates
  • Location irrelevant!

To find out about our multi-user training and get your quote please click here and fill in the form.