5 tips to make 2018 your best year ever

how do I implement ITIL?The Christmas break is well and truly over for service management professionals everywhere, and as we are all catapulted back into our day to day business routine and busy lives it can be difficult to make time to consider what you want to achieve this year.
Neglect your self at your peril, the workplace, people, and key IT & digital skills are in a constant state of change. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

This is what you can start to do today to set yourself up for personal success in 2018.

1) Audit yourself

The start of a new year is the perfect time to get organised and take a good hard look at yourself. From the basics like keeping a tidy desk and sorting out your email inbox to working through outstanding projects and prioritising tasks that have been left over from the previous year. Use a Trello board as a visual representation of work loads, Kanban or simply post it notes if your office walls allow them.

Take a subjective overview of some of your work, even ask your clients and peers for constructive feedback, and assess how you delivered against personal and professional KPIs and goals.

  • How can you improve?
  • Do you lack skills and knowledge in certain areas?
  • What can you do to rectify the gaps?

2) Get some SMART goals


Treat yourself like a business organisation. They will have specific performance related goals for the year. These are likely to be broken down into short, medium and long term or in quarters for the 12 month period. You can use goal planning like this for personal and professional reasons.

A specific goal at this time of year is often to get fit. This is vague on its own until you expand the components of what that small sentence actually entails using SMART. What will be the measure of a new, fitter you? Is running a marathon, when your previous longest distance was 5k, achievable?

3) Communicate and collaborate

Green tickEvery person you meet is potentially useful. There are the educators, the peers, the thought leaders, the trailblazers, the coaches, the mentors, the mood changers, the disruptors. Whether you are networking in person or online, start to look at the opportunity of your connections.

Commit to attending some industry relevant events (try itSMF), connecting to more people on Linked in and Twitter, joining some discussion groups and  involving yourself in the conversation around the things that interest you. It really will open your mind. You have to prepared to give in order to take, but there is so much to be learnt from other people, their experiences and their views.

4) Educate and learn

No one is so time-poor that they can’t spend a little time investing in their own learning and development. Adopting an attitude of lifelong learning will form a enduring habit which will help you get the most out of your career and personal life. The brain needs to be treated like a muscle and benefits in the same way from frequent exercise. Mental stimulation improves brain function and helps it grow stronger, faster and better equipped to deal with the millions of tasks you ask of it.

There are many free resources, downloads and white papers available across a vast number of ITSM websites on everything from SIAM to DevOPs, GDPR to Governance to help increase your knowledge on subjects that you have earmarked as potential gaps. Why not start with our popular ITSM Crowd video chats? We’ve covered all sorts of topics, and we’re always looking for new guests.
Don’t be afraid to get specialised with your learning, every expert at something was once a beginner

5) Adjust your attitude/breed positivity

The biggest obstacle to success is your own mind. We all experience ‘imposter syndrome’ from time to time, where we wonder how we got to where we are and if we are good enough. You are and if you are not yet then you are on the path to being so. Now is the time to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Surround yourself with people on the same journey as you and don’t be afraid to reach out to them along the way for support.

2018 promises to be a great year, you better believe it!

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