2020 Year in Review and Look Ahead to 2021

We are bringing our team together!

The next episode of ITSM Crowd is scheduled for December 16th on which host Claire Agutter will be joined by the ITSM Zone team.

The focus on this panel discussion will be to hear about how 2020 has affected them, what’s changed, and what will be different in 2021. And with the end of year rapidly approaching one thing is sure – managers and employees have to be clear where they are going, set goals, and understand the skills they’ll need to achieve those goals.

Technical Director Dave Agutter, Operation Manager Kirsty Unila, Customer Services Leader Jelena Todorovska and Marketing Executive Ivana Trajkovska will talk about how the pandemic affected each area, customer service, marketing, partners etc.

And before the panel, our team wants to share their thoughts on the effects of COVID-19 on Organizations and Individuals.

“2020 has been a rough year both professionally and personally.Keeping busy (and completely reworking our 2020 plans!) has really helped, and I feel like we're a stronger team now, despite the fact we've not been able to meet face to face.Let's see what 2021 brings..."

"2020 has been challenging year for everybody and ITSM Zone is no different. Being a digital company has enabled us to keep working and providing online courses whilst a lot of our customers have had to adapt to an ever changing working climate. Here's hoping that 2021 brings a little more stability!"

"2020 has been a very strange year for everyone. I am so pleased, and proud, that we at ITSM Zone have been able to help our global network of partners move their customers to an eLearning format quickly and effectively. We were able to roll out training portals to new partners quickly, giving them the capability to offer online courses in a fast and cost effective way. These relationships will continue into 2021 and I really look forward to working with our growing network."

“All of us had to adapt to new circumstances. Having a job and good health has become of great importance to everyone. Our team has been working really hard on completing our tasks and goals and focusing on our customer needs at this difficult time. We'll definitely never forget this year, but with 2021 let's turn over a new leaf.”

"It was most definitely a year for workplace changes and upheaval. But when I look at things from today's perspective, among all this disruption, I must say that our team rised above the challenge and was (still is) super creative and productive. Regards 2021, I wish a bit more stability but as well some 2020 reflection on organizations - the current situation brought innovation and organizations must consider every aspect in order to fit into the world of digital transformation."

Hope to see you on the next ITSM Crowd episode.

You can as well ask questions live using Youtube comments, and make sure you follow the hashtag “ITSMCrowd” on Twitter.

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