10 Reasons to Train Online

December 1, 2015

According to the latest Forbes research, corporations are investing 15% more in training compared to the past year, which is the most significant increase in the past 7 years. In one year, companies around the world have spent over $130 billion to provide training to their employees.
In addition, the research data clearly shows a large growth in online training as compared to the ‘standard’ classroom training. In fact, at the moment less than half of the hours invested in training worldwide are dedicated to classroom courses.

If you are still wondering whether to choose classroom or online training, you should definitely consider the below advantages of the ‘virtual classroom’.

1. Versatility
If you are someone who is constantly looking to evolve as a person and as a professional, online training makes it easy for you.
Versatile and fuss-free, training online gives you numerous courses to choose from without leaving the comfort of your home, your favourite coffee shop or even your office.
You can study to be a chef and an IT consultant at the same time, secure in the knowledge that you are managing your own timetable and are responsible for ensuring that your work is completed. You’re not at the whim of different teachers who may land you with a mass of homework just as you were hoping to take a break!

2. Saving Time
We all have to find a balance between our hobbies and obligations, so it is crucial to be able to manage our own time.
Instead of pacing from home to classes and from classes to work or vice versa, online training makes it possible to log in and continue your studies anywhere you have an internet connection. So whether you’re on the tube or waiting for a friend to arrive at the gym, these 10-minute sessions of learning can really add up!
There are also no set dates and appointments, so any time you feel you can study an extra hour or feel you should skip a lesson, you can simply do so – absolutely stress-free.

3. Self-Paced Learning
Organised as a personalised private lesson, online training gives you the opportunity to speed up when feeling confident and slow down when needing to rethink.
Needless to say, the options for a revision are also absolutely flexible, as you decide when or even whether you are to review a lesson.

4. Objectiveness
If you have ever stepped into a classroom and felt a sudden wave of anxiety wondering if you will like the teacher’s approach, or if you ever entered an exam room and suddenly realised your invigilator had a bad day, then you will appreciate online training. Additionally, if a friend or colleague has recommended a certain course – you know that you will get the exact same learning package as they did; no difference based on a tutor’s knowledge, experience or attitude and no difference based on the other learners who are with you.
Online courses are programmed to make sure you have a wide range of learning materials, while remaining completely objective. It is also a perfect way to prepare yourself for an online exam that will save you the trouble of getting up four hours early in order to make sure you arrive on time.
As for the human factor, there are always email, chat and phone sessions with a tutor or an industry expert to help you out with your questions.

5. Electronic Papers
Online training makes it much easier for you to receive all needed paperwork to authenticate the successful completion of your training. Not only that, but you will have it safely stored on your email and profile.
Instead of long conversations on how you will get your course completion certificate and wondering whether it is still official, when scanned, you can simply click to save it and attach it to your CV.
If you need it on paper, simply use the ‘Print’ button…

6. Interactivity
Asleep in the classroom? No more!
With online training, it is always possible to adjust the settings yourself, changing the pace and outlook of the lessons.
Most online classes also provide you with the possibility to constantly test your knowledge by completing quizzes and practice exams.

7. Communication and Networking
Networking is crucial for a successful career. Now everything is global and people from every continent are communicating on a daily basis.
Having said that, online training provides you with many more global communication channels than a classroom ever could, as forums and professional networks are a given with every online course; making worldwide communication possible at ease.

8. Instant Updates
When there is a change in the courseware materials, a new theory or a potential breakthrough, ‘the Internet’ is sure to know.
With online training you don’t have to browse the Web yourself or wait until your Thursday meeting with Mrs Jones to hear the news.
As every online course is matched up with a website, blog and a forum and offers numerous live update options (e.g. newsletter, RSS, Twitter etc.), it is guaranteed that you will be getting instant updates without putting in much effort.

9. Multimedia
Are you a morning or an evening person? A reader or a listener? Do you write things down or read aloud?
One of the biggest advantages of training online is the choice of communication channels you are offered for your studies. At the moment most online courses offer printable materials, videos and audio, as well as interactive quizzes and tutor advice.

10. Constant Improvement
Online training has managed to outgrow the teething troubles and become more personal and more accessible, while remaining at least as efficient as any other form of studying.
Unlike classroom training, which seems to be counting on its well-established techniques and approaches, online training responds to the ever-changing reality, looking for new methods and means that allow it to be constantly improving.

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