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The ITSM Crowd Episode 4 – I Love BC

At ITSM Zone we’re hosting regular online get togethers with our fantastic team of mentors.

Episode 4 of the ITSM Crowd dealt with business continuity and disaster recovery. Hosted by our lead tutor, Claire Agutter, we were joined by Daniel Breston, Ryan Ogilvie and Suresh GP who gave us their top tips for business continuity.

Daniel shared a fantastic tip for creating test scenarios. An organisation he has worked with would check the news and see what the top stories were. If they had potential implications for the business (for example fire, flood, theft etc.) then they could be used as part of the business continuity planning.

Watch the video below:

Read more about our mentors here.

Got feedback or requests for future topics?  Contact us on twitter using the #ITSMCrowd hashtag – @itsmzone, @claireagutter, @danielbreston, @sureshgp, @ryanrogilvie

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