3 keys to successful change management

Change gets a bad rap was the conclusion we drew from a recent episode of the ITSM Crowd. An interesting admission from our panel team of Rob England, Karen Ferris and James Gander though was actually that a lot of the time, it’s our fault. We talk about change being hard, difficult, painful, relentless, our language …Read More

IT in the Park: IT Service Management Into 2018, What Does The Future Hold?

Edinburgh, a historic city of great beauty and atmosphere was the venue for the much anticipated IT in the Park conference this week, the last event of the year for the ITSM zone team. We were excited not only to attend but also to provide sponsorship to a service management event which is striving to …Read More

SIAM in 40 Words

Sometimes we just need a quick, straightforward answer. No long winded explanations, complicated discussion or in depth analysis. I asked our team of Mentors to tell us all about SIAM in just 40 words. Here’s what they came up with: Steve Morgan of Syniad IT   What is SIAM?  SIAM is a management method for …Read More

ITSM Crowd 38 – ITSM News

In episode 37 of the ITSM Crowd, we were joined by special guests Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith, based in Australia but currently in the UK to attend the itSMF UK conference. We had a packed agenda, including: Global conference round up VeriSM launch ITIL updates SIAM Professional launch Claire Agutter shared her recent experiences at …Read More

How to Benefit from Short Courses

Today’s fast paced, constantly changing business world requires more from employees, managers and contractors than ever before. This places more pressure on us; more responsibilities, tighter deadlines and greater expectations, leaving us with less time than ever before. With less time, it’s important that what we do have is used effectively. Education and training is …Read More

Where’s Claire? ITSM Zone on Tour 2017

It’s conference season! Pack your bags….following the launch of the new VeriSM™ service management approach, our lead tutor Claire Agutter is busy presenting at and attending conferences and meet-ups for the rest of the year. If you’d like to see Claire speak, or arrange a time to have a chat with her about our online …Read More

Hello Kanban, Can ITSM Help Organise My Flow?

As a marketer in the ITSM space I am probably a little guilty of knowing all the ITSM buzzwords but not so much about the drilled-down processes involved in a lot of the terminology I hear on a daily basis.  I know that I need to be more agile, and having multiple deadlines on many …Read More

ITSM Crowd 37 – Changing the Language of Change

In episode 37 of the ITSM Crowd, we continued our recent change management theme .  This episode looked at the language of change, and how organisations often talk about change as if it’s something negative.  Our panel was: Steve Morgan from Syniad IT Karen Ferris from Macanta James Gander from Gander Service Management   We discussed …Read More

ITSM Crowd 36 – Ch Ch Ch Changes

In episode 36 of the ITSM Crowd, we discussed the changes that are affecting change management.  In other words, how do our change management processes need to evolve in a DevOps world – or are they even necessary at all?  Have we automated our way beyond change management?  We had a brilliant panel of guests: Rob …Read More

Mentors Matter On The Path To Success

Did you know that as part of any ITSM training course you get a half hour session with a global ITSM expert of your choice absolutely free? Many of the most successful people in the world have talked openly about the benefit of using a mentor or coach, think Richard Branson, Condoleeza Rice, Steve Jobs, …Read More