ITIL 4 -The ITIL Update Coming Soon

ITIL 4 – Coming Soon?Changes to the current ITIL scheme have been talked about since AXELOS made an announcement at the end of 2017, informing the service management world that an update was on the way. This is to be the first change since 2011 when there was a refresh of the ITIL V3. What do …Read More

Top Tips for Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam

Taking an exam is something that many of us haven’t done since leaving school. It’s not an insurmountable task though! We’ve put together some guidance and top tips for students who have taken the ITIL Foundation course to help you achieve the result that you want from the ITIL Exam. The ITIL Foundation is the …Read More

Do you have the right skills for the digital age?

In this article, we assess the state of the ITSM training market and what service management skills are in demand. You can start your training journey with ITSM Zone today – visit our course catalogue here. There is no doubt about it to make it as a successful employee in the 4th industrial revolution you …Read More

The most common complaints about ITSM, and why they’re bunk

Today’s blog is courtesy of our guest author Vaishali Gopi, an enthusiastic digital marketer and content writer at Freshservice by Freshworks. Vaishali is a frequent blogger with a keen interest in ITSM and ITIL.  Behind every successful business, there is a good team of employees, and behind every good business team is an efficient IT …Read More

ITIL Update – Thinking About the Future

AXELOS recently announced that there will be updates made to the ITIL framework in 2018. Peter Hepworth, CEO of AXELOS says, “ITIL is a community-driven initiative, and I would now like to encourage IT professionals to join our Global Research Programme. This is their opportunity to contribute to and drive forward this latest evolution of …Read More

The All New ITIL Expert Program

You may have noticed that we’ve recently made some changes to the ITIL Expert Program. Previously, students were given the option of Lifecycle Track study, Capability Track study, or a tailor made package with a mixture of courses from both tracks. We’ve now increased the number of courses included within the program, so that all …Read More

How do I implement ITIL? And is that even the right question?

How do I implement ITIL? A short while ago, I wrote a blog to answer a common question we get from our customers – “how do I become an ITIL consultant?”  In it, I make the case that there is actually no such role and the question itself isn’t the right question to ask. There’s …Read More

How to Create a World Class Service Desk

This post has been kindly provided to us by Nicklas Fredriksson.  Part of ITSM Zone’s team of virtual mentors, Nicklas is a passionate, experienced and much appreciated ITSM magician with 20 years in the field. Former member of the ITIL Expert panel in Northern Europe, he is a much appreciated and highly valued ITIL teacher …Read More

Every ITIL Expert Certification Question Answered

Every question you ever wanted to ask about ITIL Expert certification – answered! A few weeks ago I wrote a blog answering all of your ITIL Foundation questions. Since it was published, it has had hundreds of views, and some of you got in touch to ask for a follow up about the ITIL Expert …Read More

Boost Your Career with Foundations for Professionals

ITSM Zone are proud to introduce Foundations for Professionals; a modular program designed to give IT professionals knowledge of a broad range of tools and frameworks. IT and Service Management changes so quickly; there are traditional methods that have been around for years that used to work well and in some cases are still be …Read More